Lobster Paws Not Claws -Chameleon Cells!

Title: Lobster Paws Not Claws
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Resin, Glitter,
Size: 12 x 24 inches
Substrate: Wood Panel
Year Made: 2019, Sold.

Description: ¬†This piece is made by the originator of “chameleon cells'” using a painting technique that allows an abstract reptilian pattern to form in acrylic paint. This piece has a rainbow of color with deep red paw like lobster claws grabbing toward white negative space!

Clear coat layers of resin with a hint of gold glimmering glitter illuminate in sunlight or under indoor lighting to bring out glimmer, shine and luster, adding interest and a gorgeous pop of color to any room.

The base colors include gold, teal, and red orange hues on a 12 x 24 inch wood panel. These colors are serene and energizing all at the same time!

The edges are finished with shimmering gold “stardust” sides. This piece can be oriented both vertically and horizontally, depending on your preference. This piece has hardware installed on the back and is ready to hang!

Shiny, luminous, eye catching, bright, and bold.  High gloss resin finish.