Royal Bloodlines

Title: Royal Bloodlines
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Glitter, Pigment, Resin
Size: 18 x 18 inches
Substrate: Wood Panel
Year Made: 2019

Description:  Blood and betrayal. This piece is bold, brooding, moody, and complete with chunky dark blue violet and gold mica veins working their way throughout this shimmering 18 x 18 inch wood panel. Colors include deep and bright reds, shimmering gold, black, and dark violet. A glimmering coat of resin has accents with purple fine glitter that adds shine and light catching detail.

The edges are finished with a crisp gold leaf ink line and shimmering gold sides. This piece has hardware installed on the back and is ready to hang!

Shiny, luminous, eye catching, bright, and bold.  High gloss resin finish.