Peacock Neurons I and II (Set of 2)


Medium: Acrylic paint, Gold Leaf, Resin
Size: 11 x 14 inches (2)
Substrate: Canvas


This is a pair of original 11×14 inch canvas panels. They are mixed media acrylic, resin, and gold leaf on canvas, titled, “Peacock Neurons I and II.” Inspired by  the beautiful colors of peacock feathers, their call, and what they might be thinking when they let out that crazy yell!

This pair of canvases have rich blue, team, purple and golds that illuminate in natural light. The sides of the canvases have the resin smoothly gliding over, encasing the entire piece, and leaving a natural artsy finish.   Each of these pieces are finished in a smooth, glass like flawless resin top coat.

I use high quality acrylic paint and resin in each of my art pieces. Each piece is signed and dated with the year it is made on the back. Hanging hardware is installed to these pieces prior to shipping, and extra hardware may be included to allow for alternate orientation.

These canvas pieces would also be well suited in a simple complimentary floater frame as well.

Thank you for your interest in my art!