Alien Mitosis


Medium: Acrylic Paint,  ink, Yupo Paper, Resin
Size: 20 x 24 inches
Substrate: Wood Panel

Description:  Ever wonder what cell division looks like on an alien planet?  No?  I did!  This is an original abstract painting with collage titled, “Alien Mitosis.”  Inspired by thoughts of alien worlds, this piece took shape and became a bright, shimmering, abstract representation of an earthly organic process taking place in an unknown world!

This piece is made in multiple layers. The first layer is an acrylic pour with large cell structures in blue, teal, and white. Layers of paper, hand painted with ink, and cut into shapes provides additional interest and structure. Embellishments of gold leaf lines, edges, and a final glass like, flawless shiny resin top coat add sparkle with superfine glitter. The sides of the wood panel are natural, with clean edges.

I use high quality acrylic paint, ink and resin in each of my art pieces. Each piece is signed and dated with the year it is made on the back. Hanging hardware will be installed to this piece prior to shipping, and extra hardware may be included to allow for alternate orientation.

Thank you for your interest in my art!