Ali K. Saren

Ali Saren is an artist out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She grew up in New Hampshire and later moved to the Boston area where she resided for 15 years before relocating to Raleigh-Durham. It was in Boston that Ali embarked on an artistic expedition to rekindle her love of making art.  Ali focused on abstract mixed media and found the medium that suited her less structured artistic approach.  Ali’s work is currently featured in a locally owned New London Gallery in New London NH.

Ali enjoys an approach to mixed-media abstract art that allows her to take chances and continue her exploration and integration of various styles and objects. A small idea may reveal the genesis of something entirely different.   What it morphs into, is something completely unexpected. “You have to let go and not be afraid of what can happen next. I never thought that art would translate into a form of risk taking that I might not be as comfortable with in other areas of my life. Because of this, each piece I create can exist on its own, separate from me. The piece can be a standalone experience for someone else that may inspire totally different feelings.”

Ali’s latest works have incorporated encaustic and encaustic-mixed media techniques, yielding more dimensionality. “This process is entirely new and interesting. Working with wax is a challenge. There seems to be an unlimited amount of techniques I can use with this medium and I am always looking forward to what new piece might emerge.

Ali’s inspiration comes from nature, architecture, metal, history, and various textures. She enjoys creating layers in her work and experimenting with natural materials. Ali firmly believes that her methods and styles evolve with every new session in her home-based studio.

Ali’s work was featured in 2014 in the “Inside Out” Salon 21 show at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA and she has participated in Somerville’s Open Art Studios just before moving to NC.