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A little bit about me


Ali Saren is self-taught American artist out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


As cliché as it is, art really does imitate life. In life and in art you have to be ‘ok’ with two main concepts; Risk and Temporary Beauty.

In my practice I have learned to appreciate a moment of beauty, a moment of perfection, with a small realization that this may not last, it may change, grow, morph into something even more beautiful or something, well, quite less beautiful.

My practice has also taught me to take risks. Experiment and be ok with an outcome. Be ok with failure. Be ok with mistakes. Be ok with success. Move on. Move up. Just move. Just grow. Just learn. Just live.

I enjoy an approach to mixed-media abstract art that allows me to take chances and continue my exploration and integration of various styles, methods, and mediums. My inspiration comes from nature, architecture, metal, history, color, and every day chaos.


October 2019:  Ali’s show “Organized Chaos” explored a new technique developed in active fluid art painting where control was applied to a less predictable medium. Alongside the show, Ali partnered with The Square Rabbit Gallery to curate “Chameleon Contagion.”  The theme celebrated the viral impact of social media and how one fluid art technique took hold of a small online social community.  Those that had experimented with the chameleon cell technique or had taken her online class were featured and celebrated.

October 2018:  Ali was the featured artist of the month at “This and That” Gallery in Carrboro, NC with dedicated gallery space.

October 2018 – October 2019:  Permanent Collection of rotating art for sale at “This and That” Gallery, Carrboro, NC

September 2016:  Encaustic show at New London Gallery, New London, NH

June /July 2014: in the “Inside Out” Salon 21 show at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA and Somerville Open Art Studios.


Represented  by Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach California at


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